Part- V Extension Programme

Part- V Extension Programme

Education is the most significant instrument for social change and helps one to improve the quality of life. The higher education has included in its objectives that the involvement of college students in community service as an essential part. Thus, extension programmes are introduced in the Universities and Colleges to achieve wholesome learning and to establish a constructive linkage between the classrooms and the community.

As an Ecumenical Christian College whose purpose is to provide quality education of Christian character to students of all creed, Lady Doak College strives to develop their intellectual powers as well as train them to be responsible citizens. The mission of the college is to impart holistic education based on gospel values of love, justice, equality and peace in young women from all strata of society and enable them to develop as intellectually mature, morally upright, socially responsible and spiritually inspired women leaders of our nation. The learning process and experiences are geared to liberate, transform and empower the learner and the learned.

In tune with the purpose of Lady Doak College, the college has, since its inception, laid emphasis on value education and outreach programmes. They are integrated within the curriculum as PART- V which is a requirement for a student to qualify for a degree.

Extension programmes offered:

The college has been involved in voluntary community outreach activities through National Service Scheme (NSS) and Social Service League from the time of its inception. When autonomy was introduced in 1978 the service programmes such as, National Service Scheme, National Cadet Corps, Rangering, Youth Red Cross became part of the curriculum and every student was required to choose any one of these programmes in the first two years of her undergraduate study. Grades were awarded to students based on the evaluation and meritorious students were recognized with special certificates. From 2001 onwards under Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) more service programmes were introduced such as Library Service Programme (LSP) and Environmental Awareness Programme as an evaluatory programme. As per the guidelines from Madurai Kamaraj University, Red Ribbon Club (RRC) was introduced as a separate one year Part-V programme in the year 2012-13.The course Environmental Awareness Programme offered under Part V programme has been changed to LDC Eco Brigade from 2014-15 onwards.

These programmes are expected to help in personality development of the student, to make them understand the society, to be sensitive to other's needs, to prepare them to play a positive role in society and to act as a catalyst in bringing about changes in desirable direction.

The programmes offered are:
•   National Cadet Corps (NCC)
•   National Service Scheme (NSS)
•   Physical Education - Athletic (PEA)
•   Physical Education - Band (PEB)
•   Red Ribbon Club (RRC)
•   Youth Red Cross (YRC)
•   Library Service Programme (LSP)
•   Rangering (RAN)
•   LDC Eco Brigade (LEB)