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Best Practices - Physics Department

1.Remedial Measures

   Remedial measures are undertaken at regular intervals in the department using seniors and peer tutors to enable students to complete their degree within the stipulated time.

2.Parents –teachers meet

   Parents forum a vital  part of the learning process of their wards and the well  established advisor –advisee  system involves the  parents in all crucial decisions regarding their daughters

3.3600 Evaluation:

   When people know who they are and clearly understand what they want, they have a much  better chance of discovering how to reach  their own success, happiness and personal  fulfillment in relationships.  360° mapping of each student of the department  by  self ,peer  and faculty evaluation  every year helps in her growth development.

4.Student centered learning :

  Student centered learning has been adopted in several classes in the departments  where  students are actively involved  in the training process through methods like  Fish bowl, mind map, interview a guest and stations. This  enables the students to develop self confidence  and communication skills while learning the concepts.

5.PG Association:

  PG students and faculty are involved in regular scientific updating in response to the changing needs and evolving current issues. This is achieved through seminars, workshops and guest lectures where students are enabled to interact with eminent scientists in different areas of Physics and allied subjects and be motivated towards research.


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