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Club Inaugural Report 2014-2015

            The club orientation and inauguration of Janus club, Lynx club, Energy club and PG association for the academic year 2014-2015 started on 22.7.2014 with a bible verses and prayer songs.  The welcome address and introducing the chief guest was delivered by Dr.Beulah J.M.Rajkumar, associate professor and PG head of the department of physics.  It was followed by lighting the lamp by guest of honour Er.Ram Prakash, Dr. Beulah J.M. Rajkumar [PG head of the department of physics], Dr.G.Vasanthi [UG head of the department of physics], Dr.M.Briget Mary [club convener, department of physics], PG representive [Vallisundari].  It was followed by oath-taking led by Dr.M.Briget Mary [club convener, Department of physics], where presidents, secretaries, treasures and club representive of all three clubs took their oaths. It was followed by chief guest’s address.  His speech was related to application of basic physic principles in all the fields such as Biomedical Metallury and Solar power plants. Vote of thanks was given by Dr.G.Vasanthi [UG head of the department of physics].  The programme ended with the National Anthem.     

Janus Club

The Janus club with the motto To Kindle – To Inquire – To Apply  aims to encourage students to understand and appreciate Physics through creative and healthy competitions  such as  Quiz, JAM, painting, ad act, dumb charades, Sudoku, album making, treasure hunt, crossword puzzle, egg painting, poem writing, paper presentation, film review, who am I?, just a minute , essay writing etc. Every year the club conducts an intercollegiate Physics meet named Phyxplosion, focusing on one of the current areas. This provides a platform to exchange knowledge and ideas in Physics in a fun way. Students can enhance their skill and exhibit their talents through these activities in Physics.



Observation – Experiment - Discovery


The lynx club functions with the motto Observation – Experiment – Discovery and aims at making the students  enjoy the nature and wonders of sky.

It also aims to help the students familiarize the concepts of astronomy, a fascinating field and kindle their interest to choose this area for research.


Lynx Club arranges sky watch and star gazing programs throughout the year.  Various Constellations, Planets, Stars and Planetary nebula are also observed and explained to the students.

Special observation is also organized during the significant and rare sky events like Solar and Lunar eclipse.

Guest Lectures are arranged for the students for a better understanding of astronomical concepts.

Astro tour is arranged for the students to nearby remote area where light pollution and air turbulence is minimum to enjoy the wonders of the night sky.

Various competitions like paper presentation, Collage, quiz, Astronomy puzzles, etc. are conducted to the students to enhance the skill and knowledge.

The department owns two Telescopes and two efficient binoculars.

  • Refracting Telescope of 8”.
  • Newtonian Reflecting telescope of 5”.

Through various activities of Lynx club students are able to gain skills like leadership, team spirit, article writing. Various competitions being conducted enable them to improve their presentation skill, communication skill.

Sky watch

            Lynx club arranged a Video show on “Doomsday – Myth or Fact?” and Sky watch programme on December 18, 2012. It was scheduled between 6.00pm to 8.30pm. More than 100 students attended the show and the sky watch followed. They enjoyed the view of craters of the Moon and Jupiter through the Skywatcher Newtonian 5’ Telescope.


Energy Club

Energy Club of the Physics department functions with an objective to create awareness about Renewable energy resources. The motto of this club is Reduce – Renew – Reuse. This club is very active in organizing competitions like painting, essay writing, verse writing, solving puzzle, news hunt, word power, debate on energy crisis, chart presentation, collage, rangoli, power point presentation etc. The highlight of the club is the celebration of Rajiv Gandhi energy day. The club also organizes inter school and inter departmental competitions during these celebrations in the month of August every year. Several students from nearby schools are expected to pursue their education in Physics as an outcome of these programs. These activities aid the self development of students by enabling them to gain knowledge and skills with creativity. It also enhances their leadership skills and enables them to be a good team player. Interested students of the club are involved in candle making with the Solar Candle Making Unit to serve the college community.

Rajiv Gandhi Energy Day Report ’14

     The energy club of PG & Research Department of physics, Lady Doak College has been celebrating Rajiv Gandhi’s birthday as Renewable Energy Day every year since 2006. It was celebrated in this year too in a planned manner. In the first phase, interdepartmental competitions were conducted on 7th August, 2014 where 100 students from different departments participated in various competitions like Just a minute, Poetry (My Earth! My Duty!), Painting (Plug into the sun), Power Point Presentation (The path towards sustainable energy) and Ad-Act(Hunt for India’s energy efficiency) in which they have expressed their innovative ideas on ‘Evolving the World of Sustainable Energy’. As a second phase, interschool competitions were conducted on 20th August, 2014 where 80 students from various schools participated in various competitions like Model Making (An Alternative Energy World), Painting (Alternative Energy Resources), Elocution (Solar Energy The Ultimate Source!), As you like it (Need for an alternative resources), Story Telling (Energy 2020: A vision to the future).The students of the energy club demonstrated the working mechanism of solar gadgets like solar drier, solar cooker, solar lamp, candle making unit, solar fan etc., to school children and non teaching staff from other departments of the college. Energy day came to an end with a Valedictory Function. Dr Beulah J.M. Rajkumar, Head of the Department welcome the gathering. Dr M. Briget Mary, Associate Professor highlighted the energy day activities. Dr. R.V. Jeba Rajasekar, Assistant Professor, Government Arts College, Melur delivered the speech on ‘Sustainable Development through Solar Technology’ and distributed the prizes to the school and college students.   Dr. G. Vasanthi, UG Head delivered the vote of thanks.

Candle Making


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