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Courses - CWS

Courses on womens study are offered at the UG and PG as part of volume education programme. The courses include

  • Foundation course on women's studies for UG & PG
  • Advanced course 'perspectives on Gender' for PG
  • Elective course 'Gender and development' for PG
  • Service Learning courses for UG
  • Women and Work
  • Women, Nutrition and Hygiene

In addition, a few departments are offering courses in their own disciplines relating to women's studies.

Seminars, Exposure programmes and Celebrations

CWS regularly organizes seminars, Workshops and special program-mes for visiting students/staff/research scholars from other institutions in India/abroad involving interactive lectures , awareness programmes, special modules, trips and discussions. It celebrates the international women's day each year with various competitions and programmes for students , SHG's and local Community.

Resouce Centre

centre for women's studies has a special collection of more than 2000 books including Encyclopedia's Dictionaries, Books and documents on various topics and several journals related to women . Our students , staff and research scholars from other colleges and universities use the resource center.

The centre is developing a collection of videos and CD's of indain films and documentaries on women for media analysis . The centre is also making efforts to collect posters and pictures on the issues of women and organize exhibitions to create awareness.

Street Play

The centre trains students in street plays which are performed to promote gender awareness in colleges and in the villages. The campus has a special amphitheatre where these street plays are practiced and performed

Research Projects

CWS has full time staff members to teach and organize programmes. Research scholars are appointed from time-to-time in CWS to undertake field studies. The centre is conducting awareness programmes in gender equality for children in various schools, students in colleges and community in the city and near by villages.


Women and Society – A reader in women's Studies
(Ed. By Dr. Nirmala Jeyaraj, Principal, LDC, Published by ISPCK, Delhi. Pages 450)

You are invited to:

visit the CWS and make use of the library resources.
Participate in the seminars and conferences organized by CWS.

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