Lady Doak College

Objectives - CWS

  1. To develop women studies as a distinctive discipline in the college curriculum and offered course and training to students and staff.
  2. To reinforce a quality gender curriculum with praxis in the form of visual media, field work, in service training and extensions service.
  3. To promoted action oriented research and facilitates changes towards attaining gender equity and balance.
  4. To build a database of resources of women
  5. To empower students to become catalysts for social transformation
  6. To reach and empower less privileged women in the extended community.
  7. To work towards remove oppressive ideology and stereotyping of women.
  8. To enhance the visibility of women in academia, media and society.
  9. To sensitize people from different strata of society and various walks of life on gender issues.
  10. To network with government agencies ,N Go's and experts for promoting women empowerment
  11. To facilitates international linkages and exchange programmes for a cross cultural and global understanding of women's issues
  12. To train teachers in schools and colleges to teach women's studies in their respective institutions
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