Lady Doak College

Service Learning Programmes - COSLP


  • To provide learning opportunity to school children through facilitates and resources setup on campus.
  • To motivate school children for higher education.
  • To serve the community by transferring technology.
  • To provide our students S-L opportunity on campus.

1.LAMP- (Learning and Application Made Possible ):

A Learning Centre

Science Corner (Instrumentation Section, Simple Working Models...)

Arts Section (Displays, Laminated Sheets, Models)

Herbal Garden(Plants with displays about their medical values)

Language Lab(interactive CDs and DVDs to teach English)

Mini Theatre(Multimedia show on Science concepts and social issues)

2.Lab-Service :'Lab to Land' Project

Analytical Corner- Chemistry students gain analytical skills developed in the lab for testing various consumables used in day to day life.

Nutritive Corner-Botany students have training for preparing nutritive food and to test the food spoilage of various food products.

Diagnostic corner- Students of Zoology apply their diagnostic skills for testing body fluids.

Electrical Corner- Physics students apply their knowledge in electronics to rectify simple faults in electronic appliances.

3.Techno-Serve (Transferring Technology through S-L)

Transferring technology to rural community and thereby improving their quality of life through activities such as creation of web page for rural community , use of alternate energy, waste water treatment and vermin composting.

Distinguished Partnership for Service_ Learning

The college is a distinguished and recognized member of the international Partnership for Service-Leaning (IIPSL), New york, USA . One student /service agency will be honoured by the IPSL with a certificate for their outstanding contribution for the Service-Learning programmes of the institution.

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