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(As a major department from the year 1957)

Mission of the Department:

The Department of Chemistry aims at holistic development of its wards through academic excellence, employability, acquisition of scientific skills and community service.

  • To impart quality chemistry education on par with international standards.
  • To develop psychomotor skills for accurate and precise laboratory work.
  • To train students to become employable / entrepreneurs.
  • To develop a thirst for higher education and research.
  • To inculcate positive personality traits through classroom experiences.
  • To train students to share their expertise in Chemistry with the community.
Effective Learning Outcomes:

The Student will be able

  • To recognize the concepts of chemistry and extend it to real time challenges
  • To employ the acquired skills to critically think, prepare and make oral and written presentations of scientific reports.
  • To evolve, design methodology, analyze, evaluate and report on innovative scientific problems.
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