Lady Doak College

Courses - CFM

  • Certificate course in Piano
  • Certificate course in Guitar
  • Certificate course in Violin
  • Certificate course in Veena
  • Certificate course in Vocal (Western)
  • Certificate course in Vocal (Carnatic)


Minimum requirements for

Obtaining the long term

Co curricular certificates

  • Regular attendance
  • Written test – Theory
  • Practical Test
  • Participate in a public recital

Distribution of marks for Evaluation

  • Attendance – 25%
  • Written Test – 30 %
  • Practical Test – 20%
  • Recital – 25%

The minimum requirement is 50% in each category

for the award of a long term co curricular certificate.

Fee Details

Rs. 3000/- per year, two classes per week.

Test Details

Students are required to contact respective teachers and the test to be taken by Feb 24th, 2011.

Participate in a public recital on March 28th, 2011

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