Lady Doak College

Academic Programme

Integrating Environmental education in the curriculum 

   The center for environmental studies  increases environmental awareness by developing & validating innovative & flexible programmes such as Elective courses, LDC Ecobrigade/ eco-initiatives on campus and Extension programmes.

    Coordinates all activities related to environmental issues through LDC Ecobrigade/ eco-initiatives on campus.

     Offers an elective course -Human environment and society  which is mandatory to all the first year undergraduate students in the second semester.



(Applicable to students from 2014 batch onwards)


Learning outcome

On completion of the course the student will be able to                            

  • recognise  the various life support systems of  natural environment
  • analyse the local, global scales of human impacts on the environment.
  • relate facts, concepts, and methods from multiple disciplines and apply to environment management strategies

Unit- I Introduction

Unit- II Natural resources

Unit- III Social issues and the environment 

Unit- IV Environmental Ethics

Text Book:

Essentials of Environmental Education. 2014. Madurai, Tamil Nadu:Lady Doak College publication.


Part-V Extension Programme

Course code: LEB 0105C

Course Title: LDC ECO BRIGADE 

80 Hours

Learning outcome

On completion of the course the student will be able to       

  • recognise the value of environment and the need to conserve them
  • analyse the various environmental issues and impact on all life.
  • develop a concern for the environment and become an environmentally sensitive citizen.


20 Hours

Environment & Society

  1. Environmental  conservation
  2. Environmental issues towards sustainable future

Field work and activities                                                       

60 Hours

  1. Nature walk
  • Tree walk
  • Bird watching
  1. Greening of campus
  • Plant adoption
  1. Campaigning within and outside college-Through Rally, film shows
  2. Eco -verse writing, Eco Calendar/Personal Eco diary/Documentary film making
  3. Street theatre- learning & performance in the village with the NSS
  4. Promoting awareness in schools and villages
  5. Visit to Effluent treatment plants & Recycling units and other places of relevance
  6. Activities towards Zero waste campus
  • Solid waste  audit
  • Campus Environment audit
  1. Newsletter

A Student is expected to participate in any FIVE of the mentioned activities and submit suitable reports for evaluation

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