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Best Practice - Bio Technology Department

The meaning of Training is “to learn a skill”. Training is the method of increasing the knowledge and skill of a person for doing the job in their field of interest. Training helps to acquire latest skills, thus increase versatility for qualification for busting carrier. It provides better safety, remuneration and security. It also enables to drive greater satisfaction and utilize the full skills and capacity. Proper training teaches skilled operation and directs the student in a right manner. Since Biotechnology is an application oriented program, we prefer students to attend summer training courses in techniques related to various concepts in Molecular biology, recombinant DNA technology, Bioinformatics, Tissue culture, microbiology and gene therapy. Thus as an outgoing alumnae, our students are highly skilled enough to compete the growing technology. The following are the names of the institutes which the students prefer to go for their training during their 2nd year. We also encourage students for training in management and various other entrance exams and educational options abroad.

  1. Bitotech, Yercaud
  2. Venture institute of Biotechnolgy and Bioinformatics research, Madurai.
  3. National centre for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Chennai.
  4. ARMATS BIOTEK Training and Research Institute, Chennai.
  5. Sangenomics Research Labs pvt ltd.,
  6. Best Biotek Research Labs (P) Ltd., Karnataka.
  7. Life Tech Research Centre, Chennai.
  8. Biogenix Research Centre, Thiruvanthapuram.
  9. NthrysBitech labs, Hyderabad.
  10. Geomarine Biotechnologies (P) ltd, chennai.
  11. Centre for DNA fingerprinting and Diagnostics,Hyderabad
  12. Indian institute of science, Bangalore.
  13. Sunglow Biotech, Coimbatore.
  14. Genocom Research Institute and laboratory, Madurai.
  15. Meenakshi mission hospital and research center, Madurai.
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