Lady Doak College

Residential LIfe

Accommodation in residential halls is given only to bonafide students of the college of the current academic year.

Nine residential halls, each under the care of faculty Resident hall Supervisors, provide residential accommodation for approximately 700 students. At least one meeting a month is held by the JCAR (Joint Council for Action in Residence) to consider matters of interest or concern to resident students.

Application for residential accommodation must be made to the Dean of Student Services at the time of admission.  In accepting resident students, preference is given to the students who reside outside Madurai.

Additional facilities provided in all the hostels

  • Recreational centre and Gym
  • Computer
  • Water Purifier
  • Television

Resident students should not entertain non-resident students in their rooms. Students must adhere to all rules and regulations of the hostel.  Students violating any rule will not be permitted to remain in the hostel. 

For withdrawal from the residential hall a student must submit a letter of request from their parents to the Dean of Student Services (at least 2 days before the date of withdrawal.) All dues to the college must be paid. A “No dues” certificate must be obtained from the Bursar. Personal belongings must be removed from the residential hall with the knowledge and permission of the Dean of Student Services and the Resident Hall Supervisors concerned. The  student is not permitted to keep her personal belongings in the residential hall after withdrawal from residence.


Hostel admission is valid only for ONE academic year at a time and its renewal is subject to the student abiding by rules, regulations and expectations of the college and hostel. Her academic progress is also taken into account.


Fees will be levied towards Establishment and Medical service for the year at the commencement of the academic year. Payment should be made at the Bursar’s Office by a crossed Demand Draft in favour of the Treasurer, K.W.E.A, Lady Doak College Hostel.

The Hostel fees should be paid at the beginning of the academic year.

Boarding fees will be collected every month in advance. Details regarding due dates will be put up on the hostel notice board. Students are expected to remit the amount into their SB account before the 10th of every month, starting from August. The rates of the hostel payment are available at the Bursar's Office. Boarding fees for the months of June / April will be collected at guest rates. A fine of  Rs.10/- per day will be levied for late payments.

All deposits will be adjusted at the end of the academic year for mess bills & dues if any, and the balance will be refunded.


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