International Study Centre

International Study Centre

About Us

Lady Doak College believes in promoting synergy among faculty, students, and visitors from around the world. The International Study Centre (ISC) serves as a resource centre to widen the perspectives and experiences of students through cross cultural programmes and discussions. Housed in Oberlin Hall, the ISC partners with the Oberlin Shansi Memorial Association to create and maintain a space for the promotion of international and intercultural consciousness.

Our History:
Founded in the 1990s, the ISC first started in a small room filled only with a tiny collection of books and movies. It is traditionally staffed by one programme manager, one Oberlin Shansi fellow, and two faculty coordinators. In the past, visitors of the ISC have volunteered with local NGOs, taught crash courses, held workshops, and participated in discussions with LDC students and faculty. The ISC has developed into a platform that makes international academic and cultural exchange programmes a reality for students in Lady Doak College.

Mission Statement:
To provide resources and opportunities for Doakians to explore various interests in an international framework. To work with Lady Doak College, Oberlin Shansi, as well as other colleges, universities, and organizations for the development of international and intercultural understandings.


  • To promote international and intercultural consciousness among students, faculty, staff, scholars, visitors, and communities through discussions and activities.

  • To provide resources for our communities to expand their interests in a global context.

  • To build trust, love and compassion within our community.

  • To respect each other's experiences and engage in difficult discussions.