Centre for Information Technology

Centre for Information Technology, LDC started with two computers in 1986 and is the hub of computing activity in the campus and provides training, support, network and maintenance services. The College has a total virus free networking environment, connected to central computer servers situated at the Centre, with an uninterrupted power supply.

The whole campus is interconnected with LAN using star and ring topology. using structured network with L3, L2 and manageable switches. Students and faculty can access the e-resources anywhere  in the campus through the network.

  • A Leased line 200Mbps from BSNL is provided for the internet facility along with a BSNL broadband line 10Mbps backup.

  • Wi-Fi connection is provided in the College Guest House, Conference Halls, Auditoriums, all Departments and in the Administrative Blocks.

  • Firewall is used to provide secure internet connectivity and to prevent intruders.


To accommodate top class MIS solutions and reinforce the educational ethos so as to accord in catalysing an improved sustainable world and empower digital enablement & fortify the digital infrastructure to support the organisation to work at their highest competencies


We are pledged to forage for distinction in innovation of ERP solutions and dedicated to bolster the spirit of the pristine art of teaching and learning

Unique Selling Point

  • To achieve a seamless, adept and improved automation service

  • To provide an upgraded, centralised, superior and digitised services to the beneficiaries

  • Integrated Campus Administration Solutions Empowering Students, Faculty & Administration

  • Designed with the state-of-the-art open-source technology to mitigate the implementation and development cost

  • To construct enhanced solutions extensively and thereby facilitate quality data access and provide fruitful decisions for future

Software Development

LDC Cloud Services:

The CIT provides automated services for academic and administrative works. The Automation has been designed with the state-of-the-art open source technology to reduce the implementation and development cost. Admission process has now transitioned into a fully automated version starting from application to hostel admission. Payment gateway is successfully integrated with 100 % cashless transaction from application fee to fine fee. The CIT has developed psychometric tool and faculty appraisal program in association with the Department of Psychology. The CIT has successfully created an Alumni database which provides alumni details from 1948. The alumni can search and update their details and also that of their fellow classmates in the automation portal. The following are the services offered by the CIT

  • Online Attendance and condonation

  • Online Mark Entry

  • Online Feedback

  • Election

  • Hall Ticket

  • Result publication

  • Online course registration etc.,

These services help the students and the parents check their attendance, marks and online payment details periodically with the help of their mobile phones.

IT Policy

The comprehensive IT policy of the college is to support and facilitate the teaching, evaluation, research and administrative functions of the college through an e-managed environment providing a wireless, high-speed network, secured from intruders, with regular data backup and recovery techniques, along with licensed software and updates in highly refined servers for better performance and flexibility

Facilities and Infrastructure