Online Certificate Verification

Instruction Manual

Step1:   Click Genuiness Verification - Consolidated Marksheet to enter user details.

        Step2:  Enter the details and click submit.

Step3:  After submission of user details click 2.Payment.

        Step4:  Select the version on SB Collect.

Step5:  Kindly click the checkbox and click proceed button to proceed for payment.

        Step6:  Select state as Tamil Nadu and type of Type of Corporate/Institution as Educational Institutions.

Step7:   Select Educational Institution as KWEA ONLINE A/C and then click submit.

        Step8 :  Select Online Certificate Verification on Select Payment Category.

Step9 :  Kindly fill the details to proceed for payment.

        Step10 :  After completion of payment click 3.File Upload.

Step11 :  Kindly fill the details. And upload the file by using student registration number as file name. Then click submit.

I have read and accepted the above instructions.