Rules & Regulations


  1. As members of the college community, students are expected to conduct themselves with integrity, courtesy and responsibility on and off the campus. No student shall participate in acts tending to discredit the institution or impede its working either from within or from outside.

  2. The college expects its students to be honest and requires the members of the faculty and students to report any evidence or suspicion of dishonesty. Any such case will be investigated carefully, the student being allowed to speak on her own behalf. If a student is dishonest and seems unlikely to mend her ways, appropriate action will be taken.

  3. Students are requested to wear their ID cards while they are at college every day.Students found without ID cards willbe fined Rs.500

  4. REGULAR ATTENDANCE is expected in classes from all students.

  5. Each student is expected to be responsible for maintaining discipline in the classroom, in the college campus and during college programmes.

  6. The college expects all students to attend the regular Assembly programmes as well as special functions organised by college officers or officers of the college Student Cabinet.

  7. The college expects each student to respect the needs of others by maintaining silence during study and worship hours, both in college and residential halls.

  8. The college expects each student to be responsible for maintaining silence in the library and for careful use of books and periodicals without tearing or marking them.

  9. The college expects each student to be responsible for maintaining the beauty and cleanliness of the campus.

  10. Any damage to the property of the college is a serious offence. Writing on walls, doors and furniture is a punishable offence. Offenders will have to pay for any damage done.

  11. The college expects each student to be responsible for reading the notices posted by officers of the college on notice boards on the college campus. Students shall not tamper with the notices displayed.

  12. Students shall not put up ANY NOTICE in the college campus without prior permission from, and counter signature of the college officers / Dean of Student Services / Heads of Departments.

  13. Celebration of Holi on the campus is strictly prohibited.

  14. All students, resident and non-resident must obey the medical orders of the college doctor or college health officer and must pass the medical examination conducted by the college doctor in order to remain in the college.

  15. The college expects each student to be responsible for the safety of all her personal property including money jewellery and electronic gadgets.

  16. Students should not loiter on the campus during class hours.

  17. During college holidays, non-resident students are permitted to come to college, only with prior written permission from their departments.

  18. Students should not entertain their friends from other colleges inside the campus.

  19. The day begins with a common prayer through the Public Address System in which all participate maintaining silence.All Christian students are expected to attend Christian Studies classes and other Christian programmes regularly.

  20. Ragging in any form is prohibited. Stringent action will be taken against defaulters as per UGC guidelines, copy of which is given to students and parents.

  21. Students are not permitted to have their lunch in their classroom and laboratories. They are encouraged to use the lunch pavilion.

  22. Students are expected to wear simple clean clothes and dress modestly, suited to the occasion. 

  23. Students are not permitted to participate in live /photographic modelling, fashion shows, stage shows or any TV programmes without prior written permission from the Principal.

  24. Any student whose conduct is considered to be detrimental to the best interests of the college is liable for disciplinary action.

  25. During college functions students who come late will not be permitted to attend the programme.

  26. As a member of the community, every student is required to obey the rules and regulations of the college and to respect and support the college ethos. If unable to abide by any of the rules of the college, the student should immediately inform the Principal and leave the institution following due procedures.

  27. In case of doubt regarding the interpretation of the rules and regulations of the college and in all matters not covered by the above, the college authorities should be consulted for clarification and guidance.

Rules & Regulations Relating To Attendance And Leave Of Absence

  1. Students should be regular and punctual to all classes (Part I, Part II, Part III,  Part IV and Part V).

  2. Students should be in their respective classrooms before the second bell of each hour.

  3. There is a common prayer through the Public Addressing System everyday at the beginning of the first hour.  Students are expected to observe silence during prayer time.

  4. Attendance will be marked for each course at the beginning of the class (Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV and Part V)

  5. Students should be present in the college on the first and last working days of each semester.

  6. No student should absent herself from the college without prior notice except in case of sudden illness or any other emergency.  The Vice-Principal is the authority for granting leave.

  7. Only those students who have obtained a minimum of 75% attendance of the total number of working days and have completed all the requirements of formative assessment, including practicals will be permitted to appear for the summative examination.


a. Leave of Absence
Leave letter should be submitted to the Vice-Principal with parent's or guardian's signature countersigned by the concerned Head of the Department.

  • If absent for three or more consecutive days on account of illness, a medical certificate should be produced along with the leave letter.

  • If absent for 10 or more days due to illness, a medical certificate and a fitness certificate should be submitted along with the leave letter for approval before resuming.

Rules Regarding Mobile Phone and Laptop Usage

A. General Rules for all Students

  • Students are permitted to bring mobile phones and Laptops to college.

  • Mobile phones and laptops can be used only for academic purpose during class hours.

  • Mobile Phones should be put in silent mode while on the college campus.

  • Students indulging in inappropriate use of mobile phones or laptops on campus will have to face the disciplinary action prescribed by the college.

      Rules for Residents:

  • Mobile phones and laptops should be used only for academic purpose during study hours from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m.

  • Mobile phones and laptops should not to be used from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m.

B.  Punishment for Defaulters                   

  • Any student found breaking the above rules will be suspended from class for 5 working days (excluding test period).

  • Any resident student found breaking the above rules will also be suspended from the hostel during the above period.

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