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National Cadet Corps

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  • The 2/2 NCC Coy of Lady Doak College was introduced in 1994. ANO of NCC Army wing, Capt
    Dr T. Shantha Meena and 104 cadets are in our company.

  • The F1 FLIGHT of NCC Air Wing, Lady Doak College was introduced in the year of 2020. ANO of NCC Airwing FgOffr S G Sagara and 50 cadets are in our squadron.

  • The Lady Doak College NCC Army and Air Wing plays a vital role in moulding the character of young women and engaged them in grooming the youth 'the leaders of tomorrow' and provides youth a powerful way to develop mental strength, discipline, health, positive character, physical training, skills, courage, team spirit, leadership and self-confidence.

  • Our NCC Army and Air Wing curriculum emphasize the importance of mental and physical training as they are directly related to overall growth and personality development.