Department of Mathematics

About Us

  • 1948 - Mathematics offered as an intermediate course
  • 1951 - two-year B.A. degree course in Mathematics introduced
  • 1957 - three - year B.Sc. degree course in Mathematics introduced
  • 1970 - B.Sc. Mathematics offered as B.Sc. Mathematics (spl.) as Mathematics papers replaced the language papers in the second year
  • 1986 - post graduate program M.Sc. Mathematics started
  • 2003 - B.Sc.Mathematics with Computer application under the self – financed stream introduced
  • 2015 - one more section in B.Sc.Mathematics with Computer application introduced

Lady Doak college being an autonomous institution, has the freedom to modify and update the syllabus whenever required. The modifications thus required are formally passed in the Board of studies and the Academic council. All the undergraduate students do a group project as a part of the Life Frontier Education offered in their curriculum in their final year. The post graduate students do an independent project in their second year, which enhances the students' knowledge in the application area. All the outgoing students have to present their projects and face a viva-voce as a part of their evaluation process. This equips the students to face interviews with confidence.

Mission Statement

The mission of the department is to create passion for Mathematics, familiarize the students with the universal language of Mathematics, appreciate the techniques through procedural, valid and logical reasoning which would enhance the Mathematical maturity in pure and applied Mathematics to be competent, resourceful, employable and conversant in the recent developments in the field..

Vision Statement

To provide opportunities for students to become globally competent and holistic individuals to possess the core knowledge and the skills to apply the same to any situation, with a strong commitment to the society.

About the Department