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Department of Fashion Designing

About Us

The Department of Fashion Designing enables students to blend design skills and creative imagination. The Curriculum addresses the need of the export market and couture by fostering development of student's interests and career goals in Fashion Design.
Since its founding in 2014 a logical hand on practical training experience enables students to create design, make patterns, drape and construct garments of quality applying knowledge of textile processing, retail merchandising and marketing.


To become a transformative leader in higher education fostering globally competent, value based, empowered young women.


To impart holistic education based on gospel values of love, justice, equality and peace in young women from all strata of society and enable them to develop as intellectually mature, morally upright, socially responsible and spiritually inspired women leaders of our nation. The learning processes and experiences are geared to liberate, transform and empower the learner and the learned (teacher).