Department of English

About Us

The Department of English is one of the oldest in Lady Doak College. It had its humble origin with the introduction of the Undergraduate Programme in 1957. The Postgraduate Programme was introduced in 1961, and M.Phil. in 2007. To meet the surge in demand, the Self- financed Undergraduate Programme was started in 2012. The demand that escalates each year speaks for the well-earned reputation of the Department. It expanded its horizons further by becoming a Research Centre in the year 2018.

We offer traditional as well as postmodern subjects and balance it with a range of interdisciplinary courses. This blend of the old and the new allow for synthesis of ideas and characteristics from other disciplines as well. It also helps the students to gain special skills in analysis, close reading and writing, develop an inquisitive mind, look beyond the syllabus and think for themselves. Many students progress to postgraduate study at our college and further on to pursue a research degree. The English Literature students graduate with a passion for literature and with effective communication skills, equipped to thrive in whatever career paths they choose for themselves. They have an enviable record of establishing careers in teaching, editing, advertising and publishing. The Department is committed to providing them with a fantastic student experience and a wealth of support to enrich their lives.

Mission Statement

To endow life's skills through appreciation of literature in English from various cultures


To contribute to society through education, learning and research at the transnational level