Department of Biotechnology

Why study biotechnology?

The population of the world is increasing exponentially and is constantly pressurizing the resources available on the globe. To cope with that, scientist across the world have realized and recognized biotechnology as a "technology of hope", being a multidisciplinary area, encompassing Biology, Engineering, Medicines, Agriculture, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science and Mathematics. It has emerged as a far-reaching technology that helps to improve the quality and sustainability of life now and in the future. Hence the need of the hour is to tap the resources available in nature through trans-disciplinary approach. It can deliver the next wave of technology change that can be as radical and even more pervasive than the IT Companies. The major application areas are in health care, pharmaceuticals, medicines, chemical industries, agriculture, animal husbandry, conservation of energy & biodiversity, abatement of pollutions and environmental studies. So it enables multiple opportunities in the areas of Employment, Intellectual wealth, Entrepreneurial avenues and Industrial growth.

Year of introduction - 2003


To create conducive environment to foster highest level of academic achievement at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels for learning, teaching and research through critical thinking and high quality research led academic programs that will enable the students to be professionally competent to work in diverse of disciplines of biotechnology.


To be a centre that supports, coordinates, disseminates biotechnology education and research for creation of employment, entrepreneurship & wealth for the community leading to sustainable development.

List of courses with date of commencement , year of university affiliation and the date stopped

  • B.Sc Biotechnology - 2003
  • M.Sc Biotechnology - 2006
  • P.G Diploma course in Bioinformatics - 2010 Name changed to Diploma in Bioinformatics - 2015
  • M.Phil., Zoology ( Specialization in Biotechnology) - 2006 Name changed to M.Phil., Biotechnology - 2010