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The Department had a humble beginning in 1996 with a bachelor degree in Business Administration to provide courses which enable students to pursue professional career. The Department aims to prepare the students for positions in management of complex and diversified organizations by providing them with a broad, fundamental and specialized education, thereby enabling them to perform successfully, ethically, and professionally in a rapid changing interdependent, competitive business world. The Department expanded with one year career oriented Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Development from 2015 onwards.


The graduates will be able to
 1.Explore and develop skills for personal and professional growth
 2.Use research skills to identify and analyze problems associated with business
 3.Ensure and practice professional ethics and also contribute to the development of the community
 4.Communicate effectively with the different stakeholders with proper report writing, documentation and effective presentation
 5.Understand the impact of business and its implications on society


To prepare our students for positions in the management of diversified organizations by providing them with a specialized knowledge and practical exposure in the management concepts, tools and its applications thereby enabling them, to perform professionally, ethically and successfully in a dynamic business world.


Our vision is to become a leader in management education through industry partnerships, research, and promoting entrepreneurial programs.

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