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Counselling Centre

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Lady Doak College believes in holistic education for decades considering the complete well-being of young girls and women. The significant impact of mental well-being in the wholesome development of an individual was realized by Ms. Shanti Manuel, Former Principal and a team at 1986. This foresighted vision has paved way for the evolving of the Counselling Unit at Lady Doak College. Counselling Unit, being an unique feather in the cap of Lady Doak is a place of serenity and peace located in the Christian Activity Centre. The remarkable contribution of Dr. Emma Gonsalves, Counsellor & Psychotherapist in training faculty in counselling skills on various occasions and thereby , pioneering in the development of the Counselling Unit of Lady Doak is gratefully acknowledged.

An empathetic crew of three faculty members ~ Dr. Beulah J.M. Rajkumar (Retd. Bursar and Head of the Department of Physics), Dr. Jeyanthi (Retd. Professor of Economics) and Dr. Sandhya (Retd. Professor of Zoology) underwent a training course at ICSA campus, Chennai and initiated the Peer group counselling programme as a meaningful component of the counselling unit. Dr. Kalanithi Christopher, Former Head and Associate Professor of Chemistry, has been the backbone of the Counselling Unit as its Coordinator since its inception and with her distinguished contribution laid the foundation for the effective functioning of the Unit.

The unit grew in strength through offering counselling workshops for the faculty members, wardens and also through offering individual therapeutic counselling through trained faculty and peer counsellors. The unit continued its visionary journey under the leadership of other former Principals Dr. Prema Micheal, Dr. Nirmala Jeyaraj and the succeeding Co-ordinators. Dr. Synthia Mary Mathew, Head of the Department of Social Sciences and Associate Professor of Psychology as the graceful successor contributed remarkably to the development of the Counselling Unit. One of the major changes occurred in 1996, when Rev. Chellraj Fenn, a trained pastoral counsellor, fondly called by students as Fenn uncle, took up the responsibility of being the Part-Time Counsellor.

Valuable contributions of the series of part-time counsellors henceforth are recognized. In addition to offering Peer group Counselling training Programmes and individual Counselling Services, the unit also ventured into other areas like creating a module based programme on “Healthy Transition from Adolescence to Adulthood" to be offered to all I UG students by trained faculty in collaboration with the Value Education centre. This also led to the initiation of the mentoring programme for the I UG students and a series of workshops were arranged to train interested faculty representing all departments in the various aspects of mentoring. Dr. Mercy Pushpalatha, Former Principal and team launched the Intercessory Prayer Hall adjacent to The Counselling Unit in the Christian Activity Centre in 2015 emphasizing the significance of Spiritual dimension in holistic well-being.

Dr. Christianna Singh, The Principal & Secretary and the team felt the increasing need for Counselling and have set a new benchmark by assuring the availability of the Full-time Counsellor in the Counselling Unit since 2019. Establishing healthy relationships in the college community, working towards the realization of maximum potential of individuals who seek help and reaching out to help needy women in the society are the inspiring goals towards which the Counselling Unit functions.

Psychological assistance is offered by professionally trained counsellors to needy individuals belonging to the college community through structured counselling models and healthy group discussions to facilitate the process of exploration and expression of one's true potential. Counselling Team works with a common objective for a noble cause. Counselling Unit has initiated several activities considering the holistic well-being of the members belonging to Lady Doak College community.

Generations of women have been blessed by the services of the Counselling Unit and are living witnesses of their creator. The unit continues to function with the focussed vision of demonstrating unconditional positive regard towards individuals in order to accompany them in their subjective healing journeys.

Counselling Unit