Alumnae Services

Caring Residence for Infant and Babies (CRIB) is for babies above 3 years and children under 5 years old.

Family of Lady Doak College (FOLD), Non-Teaching Staff, Students, Alumnae and Outsiders

•To establish a link between the Alumnae and the College
•Gentle and proper caring for babies.
•Timely feeding for the babies
•Toys and accessories for babies to get involve in fun.
•Contact Number: 9566858195


Children's Haven in Lady Doak (CHILD) is for the children who are above 5 years old.

Family of Lady Doak College (FOLD), Non-Teaching Staff, Students and Outsiders


•Well maintained place for children.
•Supervision of children by the faculty in- charge of CHILD
•Children are involved in hobby building activities such as drawing, craft work, art from waste, indoor games etc..
•Adequate Library facilities for Children
•Contact number: 9566858195



Sewing of various models of churidhar and blouse is taught.

LDC students, LDC faculty, Non-Teaching Staff and Outsiders.


•This class trains the learners to sew various models of either churidhar or blouse, depending upon learner's interest.
•Over 33 stitching machines are available for the learners.
•Well trained and efficient tutors.
•Contact number: 9566858195



•The Alumnae store enables students to buy necessary items inside the college.

•Purchase materials include stationery, cosmetics and toiletries

•Photocopying and Photo printing available.

Beneficiaries: LDC Students and Faculty.


•A special store that sells used items kept well clothes (washed and ironed), household goods, gift items, stationery, books, toys etc.
•Donated items priced reasonably and kept for sale.
•Proceeds obtained from the sale used for Alumnae scholarship.
•Donated items could be clothes (washed and ironed), household goods, gift items, stationeries, books, toys etc.
•The items to be donated items to be sent to the Vice Principal’s office.
•Contact Number: 9566858195

Beneficiaries: LDC students, Teaching staff and Non-Teaching staff.



Registration money collected at every Alumnae Meet is used for scholarships for needy students.