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S.No Name of the Faculty Details Sponsored by Amount Year
1. Dr.G.Vasanthi Geo mapping the Occurences of Trematode induced Granulomatous Anterior Uveities in Four Districts of Tamilnadu UGC Rs. 7,09,800 Lakhs 2007 - 2010 (3Years)
2. Dr.Beulah Rajkumar Vibrational Spectral Invesigations on biomolecules in solutions DST Rs. 17.05Lakhs 2006 - 2009 (3 years)
3. Physics department Setting up of Remote sensing & GIS facilities of Department of Physics, Lady Doak College ISRO 21.5 lakhs 2003

Dr. Bridget Mary

Co investigator

Sustainable Bio-energy from microalgae DBT 77 lakhs 3 years


S.No Department /Name of the Faculty Details Sponsored by Amount Year
1. Dr.Beulah Rajkumar Dr.Briget Mary Mrs.Shyamala Energy Auditing UBCHEA Rs.1,90,000 2008
2. Ms.S. Padmaja Synthesis and Characterization of Gold nano particles Management (R&D) Rs. 14,000 2007
3. Dr.Beulah Rajkumar A Study of binary mixture of DMF & Propane – 2 -ol Management (R&D) Rs. 7,000 2004
4. Dr.G.Vasanthi Electrostatic Interaction and dipole moment in macromolecules of classes of proteins UGC- minor research grant Rs.40,000 2002-2004
5. Dr.R.Nimma Elizabeth

1. Synthesis & Characterization of Cathode Materials like LiMn2, LiYxMn2-O4 (y=Cr, Al,Mg)

2. Preparation and characterization of Solid Polymer electrolytes

Management (R&D) Rs.13,000 Rs.15,000



6. Dr. Briget Mary & Dr.R.Nimma Elizabeth Interdepartmental Project Astronomy & Atrophysics Management (R&D) Rs. 5000 1997
7. Dr. Briget Mary Fabrication & Testing of medium temperature Solar devices Management (R&D) Rs. 5000 1996
8. Dr.R.Nimma Elizabeth Developing audio visual, laboratory & other teaching aids Management (R&D) Rs. 5000 1996


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