Lady Doak College

Remedial Classes - History Department

Methods adopted to identify slow learners:

  • Course Teachers through Entry Behaviour tests, short tests to identify & inform the teacher in charge of the Remedial coaching
  • Academic Advisors through informal talk with students

Reasons for slow learning:

  • Medium of instruction in school-Tamil
  • Background of students (family, economic)
  • Intellectual caliber of students
  • Lack of interest in studies due to various distractions

Corrective measures taken:

  • Counseling given by course teacher / Academic Advisor/ Head of Department
  • Encouraging gifted classmates to help them-Peer learning
  • Adopting bilingual teaching
  • Advising slow learners to use dictionary to learn meanings of difficult words
  • Conducting remedial classes after class hours by academically good senior students/classmates

Reporting evidences of Improvements:

  • Course teachers keep track of slow learners performance
  • Performance in centralized tests and short tests are noted
  • Progress in studies brought to the notice of parents during Parent Teacher Meeting
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