Lady Doak College

Unique Feature - History Department

Introducing new courses in tune with the changing trends

Tourism, Human Rights, Indian Archaeology and Indian Art, Travel Management and Environmental History

Continuous Internal Assessment

Short Test, Map Test, OSS, Book Review

Learning by Seeing and Doing

Observing Judicial Court proceedings


Observing corporation council meetings Visiting places of Historical interest, Cultural and Archaeological sites, involvement in Excavations eg. Estempage, Reading scripts, Collecting Artifacts

Cross Cultural Studies

Interaction with Students of different Nationalities

Special Lectures by visiting Professors from abroad
Bilingual teaching and testing (I UG)
Remedial coaching for slow learners
Training for Teachers to Teach new courses

Archaeology and Art, Human Rights, Ecotourism, Women Studies and Environmental History

Collaboration with External Agencies:

State Department of Archaeology, Madurai

Government Museum, Madurai

NGO: People’s Watch, EKTA, SOCO Trust, CESCI

Subscription to Journals and Periodicals by the Department:

World Focus

Indian Currents

Main Stream

Journal of Indian Culture

Civil Service Chronicle



Service Learning:

Citizenship training for Rural women

Effective Learning of History for School Students

Communication Skill

Spoken English and Spoken Hindi Classes.

Financial help to students from economically poor background & Book Bank facility


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