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Arcadia, the annual English literary day was conducted on the 16th of September, 2015. Young Adult Fiction was the theme of the Arcadia celebrations. Young Adult Fiction is written, published, or marketed to adolescents and young adults. In view with the increasing popularity of YA fiction amongst college students, the theme was chosen. The day was made prominent by the presence of Mrs. Radhika Meganathan, author of 12 picture books, including the national award-winning Golden Mythology series (Seasons Publishing, 2005). She spoke about David Copperfield and Jane Eyre being YA books of their time and kindled within the young minds a thirst to read and explore new genres of literature. Around 12 colleges in and around Madurai participated in the competitions and the overall shield was won by The American College, Madurai.


The College Play presented by ‘Daughters Of The Stage’ is an annual Department of English endeavour. February 11th and 12th, 2016, witnessed the staging of the epoch-making Indian play, Kalidasa’s Abijnanasakuntalam. It was a marvellous medley of actors - students from different departments. If the aptly chosen period costumes recreated the atmosphere of a bygone era, to near perfection, the scintillating scene-specific scores added to the beauty of the overall performance, not forgetting the serene stage setting that beautifully evoked the surroundings of a hermitage. And the biggest surprise of all was that the role of Shakuntala was played by Rasha(III Physics) a Muslim, King Dushyanta was essayed by Jennifer(II English) a Christian, and the role of Bharata, their offspring, was enacted by Ishwarya Saran (II Busi. Admn.) a Hindu. Imagine my delight when I discovered this amazing fact while directing the play – so much for the divine hand at play! The resounding success of Abijnanasakuntalam, despite the odds, is a testimony of talent and toil, fraternity and faith – Dr. Beatrice Anne D’Couto.

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