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Outreach Programmes (UNDER PART IV) - COSLP


  • National Service Scheme(NSS)
  • Rangering(RAN)
  • Library Service programme(LSP)
  • Environmental Awareness Programme(EAP)
  • Youth Red Cross(YRC)

Every student is required to choose any one of the listed programmes. Grades are awarded to students based on the evaluation and meritorious students are recognized with special certificates. Participation in any one of the programmes is compulsory in the first year and optional in the second and third year except national Service Scheme.

National Service Scheme:(NSS)(2 Credits/Year)

This is a two -year programme providing an opportunity to the students to work with people. To engage in creative and constructive social action there by enhancing the knowledge of herself and the community. It includes lectures on the health related topics, awareness programmes on social issues,tutoring school children, training on service oriented skills, interaction with inmates of homes, rehabilitation centres and hospitals, rendering assistance in laying roads and in the maintenance work at historical places like Gandhi Museum and Mahal . A special camp for ten days in organized for the NSS students to gain live in experience in a rural setup.

Rangering:(RAN)(1 credit/year)

Rangering aims at developing qualities of better citizenship and self-discipline. It enables the students t to understand and appreciate their cultural heritage. The students conduct health camps for the rural community with the training in entrepreneurial skills such as book binding, herbal gardening, flower making etc. the students learn first aid techniques and are encouraged to be part of the traffic cell. Attending a camp for two to three days duration is compulsory for the students.

Library Service Programme :(LSP)(1 Credit/year):

This programme enables the students to serve the user community by involving in library services such as documentation, cataloging, computerized the source of information etc. this programme enables them to learn library maintenance, appreciate the collection of books and their value and promote their reading habit. The activities include helping in the libraries of rural schools and extending their service in public libraries to benefit the user community.

Environmental Awareness Programme:(EAP) (1 credit/Year)

This programme aims to sensitize the students to understand the environmental issues at the local, national and global levels. With a basic knowledge of the interrelationship between man and environment. The students are motivated to develop a sense of responsibility and recognize their duty in promoting and maintaining Eco friendly environment around them. They are involved in activities like nature walk, environment/health campaign within and outside college , environment education to rural children, executing projects like waste disposal, rain water harvesting and recycling in collaboration with NGOs/City Corporation.

Youth Red Cross:(YRC)(1 Credit/year)

This programme inculcates in the Youth an awareness of their own health and the health of others. It cultivates and maintains the spirit of service and being helpful to others and especially to the less fortunate. It enables the students to develop mental and moral capabilities of youth and promotes national friendship. The students are trained in Disaster Management, First Aid, Road safety etc. Youth Red Cross organizes the blood donation camps periodically on campus and donates blood whenever requested by parents or public

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