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Faculty Achievement - Computer Science Department

Faculty Achievement

Name of the faculty Nature of the program Date

Mrs. N. JayaChandra

Miss. A. Japhne

Workshop on ORACLE 21/07/10
Mrs. M. Praveena Kiruba Bai

Mrs. J.A. Esther Rani

Java Programming Training program 19/08/10
Ms. G. Sofia Seminar on “Emotional Intelligence “ 23/11/10 24/11/10
Mrs. N. JayaChandra

Mrs. T.R. Sivapriya

Mrs. S. Angayarkanni

National Seminar on “Machine learning and soft computing” 28/12/10
Mrs. N. JayaChandra National level seminar on “Research Issues In Computer Application”. 08/01/11
Mrs. M. Praveena Kiruba Bai Workshop on Ubuntu Server Installation & maintenance of application 25/01/11
Miss. A. Japhne

Mrs.J.A.Esther Rani

National seminar on Research Issues in Wearable computing 28/01/11
Miss.P.Saranya Workshop on Explore .net and Java 28/01/11


Regional Conference on Applications of Image Processing 17/02/11
Mrs.B.Pitchumani Angayar Kanni,

Miss.P.Mutamil Selvi

National Workshop on Technologies for Rural Development and Exhibition 11/03/11
Mrs.R.Beevi Hawa Training program on competence building for young teachers 17/02/11


Mrs. S. Pitchumani Angayarkanni

  • International Journal of Compute Science Issues, IJ(S1-2011-8-1-176), MRI Mammogram Image Segmentation using NCut Method & Genetic Algorithm with Partial Filters.
  • CSC Journal of IJIP, “A Novel approach for Cancel Detection in MRI Mammogram using Decision Tree Induction and BPN”.
  • International Journal of Technology and Engineering System,” Efficient Image Enhancement Algorithm using Partial Filters for Mammogram Images”,Vol.No.2, July –sep 2010,pg 198-199.
  • Dr.Nadira Banu Kamal,  Association Rule Mining Based Decision Tree Induction for Efficient Detection of Cancerous Masses in Mammogram, Issue : November 2011 DOI: DMKE112011002, CiiT International Journal of Data Mining Knowledge Engineering.

Mrs. T.R.Sivapriya

  • International Conference on Computers, Communication and Intelligence ICCCI’10 , “Hybrid PSO based neural network classifier and decision tree for brain MRI mining “ , 22/07/2010,23/07/2010

Mrs.G.Sofia MCA.,M.Phil.,(Ph.D)

  • Pick Cubes for Object picking in VR world , international Journal of Multimedia and Applications , ISSN NO:0975-5934.
  • Histogram Equalization methods for Contrast Enhancement , International Journal of communication and Information System, ISSN NO:0976-1349.
  • Extraction of Eyes for facial Expression Identification of Students , International Journal of Engineering Science amd Technology ,ISSN NO:0975-5462.



    In recognition of outstanding contributions to the academic achievements in association with ICT Academy of Tamil Nadu.

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