Lady Doak College

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Graduation day-InvitationNew    Graduation day on Sep 22,2017 at 10:00 AMNew    Students who have passed their degree in November 2015,April,June and July 2016 are eligible to receive their Diplomas on the Graduation Day to be held on 22nd September 2017New    TNSCST-National Level WorkshopNew    

Unique Features - B.B.A Department

  1. Summer Industrial Training – An intensive training given to students in the industrial atmosphere, where they are put into real life situations and learn the concepts through practice, in two phases
    • Phase I – Introductory training
    • Phase II – Specialised training
  1. Innovative teaching and Learning Methodology
  2. On the spot studies
  3. Guest lectures by industrial experts
  4. Classrooms with LCD and OHP facilities.
  5. EDP Training
  6. Projects in Industry
  7. Advisor- advisee committee
  8. Vrithik Club


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