Centre for Religion and Inter-Faith Relation

Need for Inter Faith Relations(IFR)

  The beauty and strength of the Indian sub-continent lie mainly on its composite and pluralistic social fabric. But in the recent years, our society and international communities are witnessing more violence due to ethnic conflicts, racial discrimination, growing economic recession and disparity, political instability and religious Fundamentalism. The growing trend is to ignore the pluralistic context. People fail to appreciate the diverse culture and religion of other communities. The father of our Nation Mahatma Gandhi promoted non-violence, peace and welfare of the people. Educational institutions have a tremendous responsibility in training students to appreciate the diversity in our society, understand the different cultures and promote peace and harmony among the communities. In order to carry out this educational mission, the Centre for Religion and Inter- Faith relations was established in November2004 with the seed money from UBCHEA and inaugurated by Dr. Tim Light, its chairperson.


  The Centre was established in 2004 to promote interfaith relations and communal harmony. Peaceful co-existence is created by enabling the students to understand  and appreciate other faiths and religious practises.  It offers PG value-based courses on  Basic Tenets of Major Religions in I Semester &  Intrafaith and Interfaith Relations and Peace Studies in II Semester.



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