Centre for Outreach & Service-Learning Programmes

    Institutions of Higher Education across the globe are increasingly linking academic study with community service in order to make education purposeful. Lady Doak College since its inception (1948) has laid ample emphasis on community service as part of realizing its educational mission. Since the introduction of autonomy(1978), outreach programmes became integrated as a required component of the curriculum as Part IV. Later in 2005-2006 with the exposure to the concept of service -Learning the college has institutionalized Service-Learning in Various disciplines under Part III. The students are enabled to get a better understanding of concepts learnt in the classroom, by applying to community service and take back their experiential learning to enhance their understanding in the classroom. Their skills of critical and analytical thinking are developed through such involvement. In addition to Service-Learning, the students also involve in any of the outreach programmes.


    The COSLP offers avenues for social involvement through outreach and service-learning programmes with the following objectives

  •  To make the students understand the realities of the society and become aware of the social issues.

  •  To enable the students to act as catalysts of social change in transforming the society to become just and humane.

  •  To provide opportunity to students to learn beyond their classrooms through community service.

  •  Service-Learning Programmes include the departmental programmes, Lab Serve, LAMP & International Service-Learning Programmes.


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