Infrastructure facilities

Exclusive Nanoscience lab with the following facilities is set up to run the program.

Major equipment available in the Centre

• Atomic Force Microscope

• Scanning Tunneling Microscope

• Raman Analyzer • Electrochemical Workstation

• Chemical Vapor Deposit Reactor

Minor equipment available in the centre

• Four probe resistivity setup

• Hall Effect Setup

• Hysteresis Loop Tracer

• Electro Transfer gel system

• Trinocular Microscope with Digital USB camera and size measurement application

• Analytical Balance

• Sonic cleaner

• Hot Air Oven

• pH Tutor

• Digital Magnetic Stirrer

• Mini Autoclave

Sophisticated Instruments & Software Available

• Four probe setup

• Double beam Spectrophotometer

• Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer

• PCR Thermocycler

• Thinflim maker Thermal Sputtering unit

• Licensed Software Packages – Gaussian 0.3, Schrodinger Maestro 2010, MATLAB 2008, ERDAS 8.6, ArcGIS


Special Facilities available in the college to carry out Nanoscience research

• Animal Tissue Culture Lab

• Bio informatics Lab

• Cheminformatics Lab

• Plant Tissue Culture Lab




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