Centre for Information Technology

    Centre for Information Technology, LDC started with two computers in 1986 and is the hub of computing activity in the campus and provides training, support, network and maintenance services. The College has a total virus free networking environment, connected to central computer servers situated at the Centre, with an uninterrupted power supply.

    The whole campus is interconnected with LAN using star & ring topology. using structured network with L3, L2 and manageable switches. Students and faculty can access the e-resources anywhere  in the campus through the network.

  • A Leased line-16Mbps from BSNL is provided for the internet facility along with a BSNL broadband line-10Mbps backup.

  • Also, a 10Mbps BSNL NKN (National Knowledge Network) is provided to  enable the staff to enrich themselves.

  • Wi-Fi connection is provided in the College Guest House, Conference Halls, Auditoriums, all Departments and in the Administrative Blocks.

  • Dedicated Browsing facility for academic purposes is provided for the residential & non residential students from   8 am to 10pm in the college premises.

  • Symantec Antivirus is installed to ensure virus free environment.

  • WatchGuard Firewall is used to provide secure internet connectivity and to prevent intruders.

  • Touch screen to check attendance.


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