Centre for Holistic Child Development

  Children are the future citizens and pillars of our nation. They are the pride and joy of every home . But today these innocent little ones are far from safe. Being vulnerable and often at risk, it is estimated that 200 million children all over the world below the age of 16 are in immediate danger of succumbing to diseases, drug addiction and drug trafficking, are easy targets for sexual abuse, are part of rebel groups, armies and cheaper labour.

   Committed to the enhancement of the quality of life around, Lady Doak College is actively involved in the area of child development as well. The Day- Care Centre, Childrens' library & Activity Nook, and the Service- Learning Programme are a witness to it. In a gesture to reach out to more children -those in the vicinity of the college as also those children in the near by villages- Lady Doak College felt the need to bring all child related enhancement activities under the umbrella of Center for Holistic Child Development.

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