Officers of the Student Cabinet

The President

•  Presides over all meetings of the College Cabinet.
•  Conducts the affairs of the Cabinet in accordance with the purpose defined in the Constitution.

The Vice-President

•  Carries out all the duties of the President in her absence.
•  Assists the President in conducting the affairs of the Cabinet.

The Secretary

•  Posts notices about meetings of the Cabinet and the Committees as directed by the President.
•  Prepares and presents the agenda for all meetings to the President.
•  Arranges meetings of the Cabinet and of the Committees.
•  Records and presents the minutes of the meetings of the Cabinet.
•  Presents the annual report of the activities of the Cabinet for the College Magazine.

The Treasurer

To further and regulate the common life of students

•  The Treasurer shall draw from the College Cabinet funds entrusted to the Bursar such amounts as are sanctioned by the Cabinet Executive Committee for the various programmes and activities of the      College Cabinet.
•  Operats the College Cabinet account shall be a joint account along with the Dean of Student Services.
•  Maintains a detailed account of such amounts, in accordance with the rules of auditing.
•  Presents the accounts of all branches of the Cabinet to the Bursar of the College.

The PG Representative

• Assists the President in conducting the affairs of the Cabinet.

Joint Council For Action in Residents(JCAR)

• Comprise of students representative of residential halls (JCAR Chairperson, JCAR Vice-Chairperson, PG Representative, General Mess Secretary and Hostel Presidents) to consider matters of interest or concern of resident students

No office bearer of the College Cabinet shall be eligible for any other office either in the Cabinet or at various branches, departments and residential halls.

Election of the Officers of the Student Cabinet

Offices Class from which officers are elected
President, Vice President, Treasurer, Games Captain, SCM PresidentIII UG
Joint-Secretaries (Aided and SF), Games Vice-CaptainII UG
JCAR ChairpersonIII UG (Residents)
JCAR Vice ChairpersonII UG (Residents)
PG RepresentativeII PG (Aided)
SF PG RepresentativeII PG (SF)
Hostel PG Representative II PG (Residents)

Only students who have been in the college for at least two semesters shall be eligible to stand for or vote at these elections. The President, the Vice-President and the Secretaries, Games Captain, the Games Vice-Captain, the PG Representatives (Aided and SF) and the SCM President shall also be elected in February for the succeeding academic year.

Method of Election

Students who have completed all courses in the first attempt, who have secured a minimum of 60% in Part III for Sciences and 50% in Part III for Arts and who have completed Part V (if applicable) are eligible candidates for the Student Cabinet. Students from I UG and II UG who satisfy the above norms from each department have to undergo an e-psychometric test (to test leadership skills & Social desirability). Students who get the required score in this test are eligible candidates to be elected within their departments. A minimum of five days will be given for these students to canvass and polling will take place separately for each department. II UG students who win the election will form a cabinet consisting of one student from each programme.

These cabinet members have to further undergo a Group Discussion round (GD). The GD scores are then added to the leadership skills scores to arrive at the top five who will be eligible candidates for the posts of President and Vice-President. The members of the cabinet will elect the President and Vice-President by voting for 4 candidates in the order of preference. The person with the maximum score will be the President and the second topper will be the Vice-President.

The members of the cabinet will elect two Joint-Secretaries from Aided Stream and two Joint-Secretaries from Self-Financed (SF) Stream, from among the students elected from I UG by voting for 3 candidates in the order of preference. Similarly the cabinet members will elect Games Captain and Games Vice-Captain from the panel of eligible candidates given by the Director of Physical Education.

For the posts of PG Representatives (Aided & SF), nominations have to be filed by the eligible students. An election will be conducted in which all Aided PG students will vote for a candidate from Aided stream and all SF PG students will vote for a candidate from SF stream. Treasurers (Aided & SF) will be nominated by the Principal from the Cabinet.

Officers of the Student Cabinet - 2017-2018

PresidentSanthiya C. III B.Sc. Physics
Vice-PresidentIndirakshi A. III B.Com. (Corporate Secretaryship)
Joint Secretaries (Aided)Aashifa B. II B.A. English
Dheepika K. II B.A. History
Joint Secretaries (Self Financed)Sangeetha A. II B.Com (Corporate Secretaryship)
Viveka S.N. II B.B.A
TreasurerAlagar Narmatha Shree. III B.Com
Games CaptainKaviya S.R. III B.Sc. Chemistry
Games Vice-CaptainJoelin S. II B.A. History
SCM PresidentRachelin J.T III B.A. English
PG Representative (Aided)Asmath Asina M. II M.A. English
PG Representative (Self-Finance)Fathima Safana M. II M.S.W.
JCAR Chairperson Lavanya N. III M.A. English
JCAR Vice ChairpersonElakkiya B. II B.A. Tamil
Hostel PG RepresentativeRevathi V. II M.S.W

Members of the Student Cabinet - 2017-2018

Secretaries-DisciplineAnisha S. III B.A. Economics
Muthumari T. III B.A. History
Meenakshi Patil III B.B.A
Agnes Jenifa A. III B.Sc. Mathematics
Secretaries-Cultural ActivitiesNeenu Jawahar III B.A. Psychology & Sociology
Akshaya S. III B.Com (Banking & Insurance)
Secretaries-Eco-IntitativesHajara Banu T.M III B.Sc. Zoology
Sharon Jennisha D. III B.Com (Professional Accounting)
Secretaries-CommunicationPriyadarshini M. III B.A. English
Yuvadharshini M. III B.Sc. Computer Applications
Secretaries-Open ForumPonmalar S. III B.A. Tamil
Lakshmi priya N. III B.Sc. Physics
Secretaries-Outreach ActivitiesAjitha A. III B.Sc. Botany
Visaka Nandhini III B.Sc. Biotechnology