Lab Facility

Psychology Lab :

The Department has a fully equipped contemporary psychology lab with opportunities to learn psychological assessment and testing facilities.


The Folowing Experiments And Tests Are Undertaken By The Undergraduate   Students For The Course Experimental Psychology :


  • Colour Blindness( Ishihara Colour Plates)
  • Just noticeable differences ( Vernier calipers, Weights discrimination)


  • Division of attention
  • Set in attention
  • Span of attention(Tachistoscope)


  • Muller-Lyer Illusions
  • Shape Constancy


  • Hunter’s Temporal Maze
  • Positive transfer- [Cup and ball]
  • Negative transfer [card sorting]


  • Immediate memory Span
  • Meaning and Retention
  • Recall and Recognition


  • Problem Solving (Tower of Hanoi)
  • Set in problem solving
  • Brainstorming


  • Bhatia’s battery of Performance Intelligence Test
  • Ravens Standard progressive matrices
  • Seguin form board


  • Level of aspiration

The Following Tests Are Undertaken By The Students Of PG Diploma In Psychotherapy & Counselling :

  • Bhatia’s battery of Performance Intelligence Test
  • Ravens standard  progressive matrices
  • Eysenck’s personality questionnaire
  • Mathews Maladjustment Inventory
  • Sentence completion test
  • 16PF questionnaire
  • Thematic  Apperception Test
  • Comprehensive interest schedule
  • Differential aptitude test
  • Rosenberg self esteem scale
  • Levenson’s locus of control
  • Beck’s depression inventory
  • Beck’s anxiety inventory
  • Level of aspiration
  • Vineland social maturity scale
  • Adjustment inventories
  • Inferiority scale
  • Insecurity scale
  • Myers-briggs type indicator
  • Guidance need inventory.

Library Facility

The Department houses an informative library, which accommodates over 1000
volumes of books encompassing all the areas in social sciences.

Folk Art Team & Equipment

The Department has a professional theatre team consisting of trained students which was initiated in August 2008 and has been established well now. The team has been equipped with the necessary instruments, costumes and communication equipments.

The “Unarvugal” team has performed on various social themes. The performances have been opportunities for the students to reach out to different audiences with powerful messages of social transformation. This experiential learning has provided our students with an opportunity to be able to internalize her classroom learning in meaningful manner.

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