Beyond The Classroom


Higher education at the Department is not only an academic exercise…it is a journey of self discovery and also the discovery of the world around us. We at the Department of Social Sciences believe in accompanying students to greater heights of excellence both in their academic as well as in social proactivism in tune with the mission of our Department.


The SOPHIS club is the student forum in the department for all curricular and extracurricular programmes. Organized and led by student representatives, the Club organizes inter-collegiate programs like workshop/ Seminar/ competitions focused on challenging and upcoming issues relevant to the subject.

The Unarvugal Folk Art Team:

The Department has a professional theatre team consisting of trained students which was initiated in August 2008 and has been established well as an ongoing activity. The team has been equipped with the necessary instruments, costumes and communication equipments. The “Unarvugal” team has performed on various social themes. The performances have been opportunities for the students to reach out to different audiences with powerful messages of social transformation. This experiential learning has provided our students with an opportunity to be able to internalize her classroom learning in meaningful manner.

Extension Activities

Extension activity is one of the pillars of higher education where knowledge is transferred from the classroom to the society at large. In this context, the Department of Social Sciences explored into areas that called for attention in Madurai. The following were the activities in which our students participated:

  • Working with socially deprived school children
  • Helping the children with learning disability
  • Joining with NGOs working with differently abled children
  • Visiting Geriatric homes

Street Theatre Training

The Social Work Programme of the Department of Social Sciences organises annual Street theatre and Folk art training workshops for the MSW students. These trainings are part of the Value add on component for the MSW programme as it enables the students to learn to become better communicators and to be prepared to take forward effective and powerful social messages to the larger community. From 17 – 20 August 2016, Mr. Sathyamanickam of Maiyam, Madurai trained the I MSW students and they performed for the college audience on the issue of Women and their bondages.

Remembering Significant Days:
  • World Mental Health Day
  • International Day of the World's Indigenous People
  • Conducting Psychological assessment for school students and students of other departments in Lady Doak College.
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