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Library Service Programme-ActivitiesNew

Library Service Programme-MagazineNew

Seminar on 'Tribes in Tamil Nadu' - An initiative to establish Tribal Resource Centre at Lady DoakNew

Chaplaincy Training Programme 24-29 September 2018 - BrochureNew

Reappear Exam Registration 2016-2017 BatchNew

National Conference on 'Quality Sustenance in Higher Education Institutions'-BrochureNew

Unheard-Short FilmNew

As part of the 70th year celebration Lady Doak College, Alumnae Association is planning for a MEGA ALUMNAE MEET, an aim to gather 10,000 alumnae under one roof.New

Last date for Revaluation - July 2018 New

Supplementary Results - July 2018 New

ANCQ - 2018 (An International Chemistry Quiz) - 28.08.2018 – organized by Royal Australian Chemical Institute in collaboration with the Department of Chemistry for the students from VII to XII standard. New

Nedunaal Porekalam-Short FilmNew

Applications called for Teaching PostsNew

Last date for Revaluation - JUNE 2018New

Supplementary Results - June 2018New

Registration for Supplementary Examinations, November 2018 Odd Semester (2018-2019)New

Registration for Formative Improvement in Lab courses-NOVEMBER 2018New

Registration for completion of formative components Odd Semester (2018-2019)New

VBC0203FV(Aided) - Foundation Course on Women's Studies V SEMESTERNew

VBC0203FV(Self-financed) - Foundation Course on Women's Studies V SEMESTERNew

Online Fee Payment for II,III UG & II PG(Aided & Self-financed) New

Call for RA Interview at DBT - BIF Centre New

Supplementary Results - April 2018New

I PG - Orientation 2018-19New

ISC-American Transfer ProgramNew

The IQAC National Conference to be held of 22nd and 23rd February, 2018 stands postponed.The rescheduled dates will be announced later.New

Academic Programmes and Regulations - 2017 BatchNew

International Exchange students - Odd sem 2016-17New

Maths Newsletter 2016-2017New

Issue of Provisional CertificateNew

Online PaymentNew

Advertisement for the post of JRF/SRF/RA in CSIR funded Research project New

Name List Of Even Semester (2017-2018) Aided & SF ENV2201NI - Human Environment and SocietyNew

Peer Team Report on Institutional AccreditationNew

Advertisement for the post of one JRF in DST-Science and Engineering Research Board sponsored Research Project New

Applications called for the Post of JRF(1) New

Application form for Teaching PostsNew

Applications called for Teaching PostsNew

Annual College Play 2017New

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