Department of History

History Of The Department

The Department of History at Lady Doak College was established first as an Under Graduate Department in 1971 and further expanded as a Post Graduate Department in 1987. Since 2009 – 2010, M.Phil is being offered. The Department, which has a MoU with the DHAN Foundation since 2013, is able to receive the necessary assistance from them for the field visits (on the spot study) which is beneficial for the students. The Department also has collaborated with the Tamil Nadu State Department of Archaeology and the Government Museum, Madurai and a MoU has been signed with the Tamil University, Thanjavur, to organise field visits and training programmes.

Mission Statement

The Department aims to produce highly competent readers and writers of history who are committed to truth and who would uphold the values of India, who will act with compassion and zeal for the betterment of all the people of this country and others through their historiographic knowledge and skills. With social responsibility they will also promote justice, peace and harmony in a pluralistic society like that of ours.


• To exhibit understanding of the past and in-depth knowledge of particular historical periods
• To acquire knowledge of key historical concepts
• To apply concepts from history to current issues and suggest solutions
•  To pursue micro level research in collaboration with various organizations
• To experience an all- round development of their personalities
• To articulate major ideas from classroom learning and outside through presentations
• To develop independent and critical thinking
• To prepare for life and to become useful citizens

Specific Learning Outcomes

• To Develop a passion for learning history
• To Understand the essentials of Indian democracy
• To Get opportunities to interact with various NGOs
• To Report / present findings of research in academic bodies/conferences leading to publication in
   journals / proceedings
• To Prepare for pursuing higher studies and appear for competitive examinations
•  To facilitate 100% of the students to complete their Under Graduate Programme
•  To facilitate 100% to pursue higher studies
• To facilitate 50% to get employment

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