Department of Hindi

About Us

   In view of the increasing importance of the study of Hindi the department of Hindi of Lady Doak College has taken the lead in Madurai by starting U.G. Part-I-Hindi since 1948. It has been functioning for more than 6 decades in addition to Non-major Elective courses such as ‘Computer Documentation tool for Hindi’ and ‘ Business Hindi’ for II U.G. students in 2014.

   Full Autonomy has been given to the department to frame the syllabi of Hindi according to the need of the society.

   Department gets students from various mother tongue including Tamil every year. They are well versed in Hindi language and literature to face the current challenges of the job market and eligibility to enter higher studies in Hindi.


   The department of Hindi aims to produce Socially and Culturally conscious, Linguistically skilled, Intellectually competent and personally committed students an awareness of the immediate needs of our Society, enhancing the values of Justice, equality and liberty.


• To help the students understand the greatness and necessity of the National language.
• To make Hindi language more application oriented through applied grammar, Administrative and scientific terms and enrich language skill through speaking, reading, writing articles and translation.
• To have an in depth understanding of Hindi literature.

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