Department of French

About Us

Speaking French opens up job and higher study opportunities worldwide. Taking this into account the Department of French at Lady Doak College is offering two levels of learning as Part I French. Students from various streams choose French as their Part I subject. For a better facilitation of learning the syllabus has been framed for two levels - one as an advanced and another as a basic course for those who learned French in schools and for those who are learning it for the first time respectively.   

Along with the syllabus practice is given to students to take DELF examinations. Technology enhanced audio-visual activities are done in classrooms to give more practical experience to the students.  

Non Major Electives are offered with the departments of English and BBA for the students of III & IV semester.

Students are capable to understand and speak in French after their two years course.

At the end of their Part I course the students will be able to comprehend basic French.

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