Department of Economics

The Research Centre and Department of Economics is one of the largest and oldest major departments in Lady Doak College. It is the only department that offers parallel undergraduate education with English and Tamil as medium of instruction. Students who opt to study B.A. (Economics) curriculum in Tamil are supported by a stipend given by the State Government. In 1951, it sprouted as an undergraduate department, and has now become a full-fledged Research Centre. A dedicated team of faculty, rich in research experience, serves the Department well.


The Department of Economics offers innovative courses with research and extension activities to accommodate the changing needs of society. These courses are framed to facilitate a deeper understanding of economic issues and to motivate students to take up research in Economics. The maiden research attempts by students are spread over a wide spectrum of areas and issues.

Mission Statement

To emerge as a learning centre that imparts liberal education in Economics bringing together human, financial and technological resources, in shaping minds for the betterment of society.

Objectives of the Department

The department strives to
• help the students appreciate the principles of Economics and apply them in day-to-day life situations
• equip the students with quantitative skills to analyse problems with empirical evidence
• instill an awareness about national and international economic situations
• develop analytical thinking skills in the study of socio-economic issues and facilitate research
• provide employability skills through skill-oriented and application-oriented courses and in-service training
• equip the students to absorb socially desirable values through innovative teaching and outreach programmes


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